Taiwan says Chinese combat patrols fly near island



Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense stated that it detected the presence of 23 Chinese combat aircraft flying near the island of Taiwan this Friday (26). 

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According to the ministry, the aircraft were carrying out patrols together, as if they were in combat readiness.

As a result, government representatives from China and the United States have a meeting scheduled in Thailand in the coming days.

Now, China considers Taiwan to be part of Chinese territory and says it has sovereignty over the island. Over the past four years, it has been common for China to send aircraft and warships to regions close to Taiwan.

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Taiwan’s Defense Minister said the aircraft included:

Su-30 aircraft,


With that, of the 23 aircraft, 13 crossed the dividing line between China and Taiwan in the Taiwan Strait. The line is an unofficial barrier between the two, but the Chinese do not recognize the existence of the divide and often cross it.

Taiwan sent its own forces to monitor the situation.


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