Japan makes history and becomes the 5th country in the world to land on the Moon



This Friday (19), Japan managed to land an unmanned probe on the Moon and became the 5th nation in the world to achieve this feat, according to initial data from Jaxa, the Japanese Space Agency.

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It is worth remembering that until then, only the United States, the former Soviet Union, China and India had reached this milestone.

Where did this come from?

With this, Jaca’s initial idea was to make a high-precision landing, just 100 meters in diameter. Ancient landings were made with the precision of tens of kilometers.

The probe would also undock two mini-robots, a jumping vehicle and a rover, developed in collaboration with technology giant Sony. The devices will capture images of the lunar surface.

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“On the screens we see that [the probe] SLIM landed on the Moon. We are checking this,” said a Jaxa employee in a live broadcast, according to information from AFP.

More information about the landing and further details will be communicated to the press soon.


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