Deaths of US soldiers in drone attack raise tension in the Middle East and put pressure on Biden



The deaths of three American soldiers on the border between Jordan and Syria increased pressure on United States President Joe Biden.

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It is worth remembering that these were the first deaths of American soldiers by enemy fire since the start of the Israel-Gaza war.

Where did this come from?

As a result, the attack that killed American soldiers targeted a US base in northeast Jordan, close to the border with Syria. It is believed a drone struck the base.

Three US soldiers were killed and at least 34 are being evaluated for possible injuries, according to US officials.

Furthermore, the Americans attribute the attack to military groups supported by Iran. Iran has denied any involvement.

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With that, the sharp escalation of violence seems almost inevitable. Since mid-October, US military installations in Iraq and Syria have been repeatedly attacked by Iranian-backed militias, injuring an increasing number of US troops. 

According to American officials, its bases have been attacked more than 150 times since the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

“We will name all those responsible at a time and in a manner that we choose,” Biden said, without elaborating.

The US knows that it needs to convey an image that it is working to protect the lives of its soldiers.

Biden’s critics will again accuse him of being “soft on Iran.” But their goal has been to fight distant wars with clear lines to avoid dragging Americans into combat that would demand too much of the country.

Both Washington and Tehran, long locked in their antagonism, have cautiously managed to avoid a direct confrontation.

Furthermore, Iran, also under internal pressure, held back its attacks against Israeli or American facilities in retaliation for the assassination of its top Revolutionary Guard commanders, which it blamed on Israel.


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