Cancer mortality rate fell by up to 37% in 25 years in the United Kingdom, according to study


Cancer deaths fell significantly in the United Kingdom between 1993 and 2018. This is what the conclusions of a study published in the scientific journal The BMJ this Wednesday (13) point out.

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According to the research, although the country registered an increase in the general number of cancer cases, the opposite was observed with the number of deaths from the disease.

As a result, the data shows that among men aged 35 to 69 there was a 37% drop in the mortality rate from various types of cancer. Among women in this age group, the decrease was 33%.

The decrease in mortality rate has been observed in almost all types of cancer. The exceptions were liver, mouth and uterine cancer. In men, melanoma also increased and, in women, pancreatic cancer.

Furthermore, the research analyzed data regarding the incidence of cancer in the population over a 25-year period, between 1993 and 2018. Cases and deaths from the 23 most common types of cancer among men and women aged between 35 and 69 years were considered.

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The researchers chose this specific age group as the focus of the study because the available data for these ages is more reliable and easier to interpret. Furthermore, the accuracy of the diagnosis is greater than compared to older patients with other associated health problems.

The study also mapped the main reasons that led to the drop in the number of deaths over the 25-year period analyzed. The conclusions show that the advancement of technology and available treatments was fundamental to the reduction in the cancer mortality rate.

According to the research, the decline is a reflection of the following factors:

Success of cancer prevention campaigns, which includes anti-smoking campaigns, for example;

Early detection of the disease;

Improvement of diagnostic exams;

More effective treatments.

In contrast to the drop observed due to improved diagnosis, the research shows that the increase in cases of some types of cancer may be associated with higher levels of overweight and obesity and excessive alcohol consumption.


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