Venezuela bans Argentine airlines from flying over its territory, according to sources


Venezuela has ratified the decision to ban Argentine airlines from overflying its airspace, according to sources with knowledge of the matter consulted by the website CNN. The measure was confirmed on Monday (11).

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As a result, the government of Argentina presented on Friday (8) a note of protest to Venezuela for the decision, and announced that corresponding measures will be taken within the scope of the International Civil Aviation Organization for violation of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Convention of Chicago, 1944).

It is worth remembering that this comes almost a month after the United States confiscated a Boeing cargo plane from Venezuelan state-owned company Emtrasur that was in Argentina and had been sold by a sanctioned Iranian airline in violation of federal export control laws, according to with a statement from the US Department of Justice released on February 12.

Additionally, the decision to ban overflight licenses for Argentine companies affects routes to JFK Airport in New York, Miami Airport and Punta Cana Airport in the Dominican Republic.

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The Argentine government stated that the decision by Venezuelan authorities to ban Argentine aircraft from its airspace is in retaliation for the seizure by the United States of the Emtrasur plane, a case linked to the Iranian government.

The head of Venezuelan diplomacy, Foreign Minister Yván Gil, responded this Tuesday to the Argentine Presidency spokesman, calling him the “guy of the council” and describing the Argentine government as “neo-Nazi”.

“Mr. Manuel Adorni pretends to ignore the consequences of his acts of piracy and theft against Venezuela, which were repeatedly warned before the criminal act committed against Emtrasur,” said Gil on his official profile on X, formerly Twitter.


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