Scientists discover brightest object in the Universe


The most luminous object ever detected has been spotted in the distant Universe.

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It is a quasar – the bright core of a galaxy powered by a gigantic black hole about 17 billion times the mass of our Sun.

With this, the power of the object, known as J0529-4351, was confirmed based on observations from the VLT telescope (Very Large Telescope) in Chile.

Where did this come from?

In an article published in the scientific journal Nature Astronomy, scientists state that the black hole has a voracious appetite, consuming mass equivalent to a Sun every day.

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In fact, J0529-4351 had already been registered many years ago, but its true glory has only been recognized now.

The term quasar is used to describe a galaxy with a very active and energetic nucleus.

The black hole at the center of this galaxy pulls matter towards it at an impressive speed.

As this matter is accelerated around the black hole, it tears apart and emits an enormous amount of light, so strong that even an object as distant as J0529-4351 is still visible to us.

Furthermore, scientists involved in the study say that the energy emitted makes the quasar 500 trillion times more luminous than the Sun.


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