Police disguise themselves as a romantic teddy bear to arrest suspected drug traffickers in Peru


The National Police of Peru took advantage of Valentine’s Day on Wednesday (14) to carry out an unusual operation against suspected drug trafficking.

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Where did this come from?

A police officer dressed up as a teddy bear and lured suspects out of the house with his “nice” face, romantic poster and heart balloons.

As a result, when the suspect approached, the agent disguised as a teddy bear rushed at her and immobilized her, while other agents who were probing the operation from afar ran to help.

“Our suspects didn’t expect it, it was a surprise operation for them,” said the police officer dressed as a bear.

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After the capture, the police entered the house, where they found bags containing substances. More than 1,000 packages containing drugs were seized.

“Taking advantage of the day of friendship, the day of love, police officers disguised themselves as ‘Terna’, the teddy bear. The women were persuaded to leave the house using a fake gift she brought that was from a secret admirer,” said Walter Palomino, colonel of the Peruvian National Police.

Namely, the anti-trafficking operation took place in the north of Lima, in San Martin de Porres. According to local media, two women, a mother and daughter, were arrested and accused of drug trafficking.

Furthermore, the operation was called “The Security Love Bear.” “If he loves you, he won’t let you commit a crime!”, wrote the Peruvian police on X (formerly Twitter).


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